Monday, September 15, 2008

Red Alert 3 Beta review

Well this has been long in the making, anyway, these reviews should SLOWLY become better, fancier and really, overall better but for the moment you're gonna have to put up with just text and a odd grade

Discliamer(or whatever its called):( The scores that are given to these games are mearly how much I enjoyed them by all the different area put together, not on AWESOME they may be, this is because the people who might read these will know that if they like what i like there safe to get it, not "it's a really awesome game, everyone should try it" but you later find out that YOU personally don't like it[Long huh])



The Red Alert Beta, is just that a beta so its hard to talk critically about it, with all the problems beta's have, but then this is no ordinary beta, this beta is something spacial, so special that what I said before doesn't apply to this beta at all. The RA3 beta was something that I personally looked forward but was very disappointing, The thing that was the most disappointing was EA. EA made some huge stuff-ups, even from the very beginning, to start of they cocked up the beta key distribution as the people who got in early were went to get the keys first but did this happen, no it didn't, instead a hand full of people who entered there key the day it came in actually got the key while most others registered around julyish,(with the game coming out early may), this was quite huge but after that they kept making mistakes, which came in the deceptive form of patches, these patches where meant to make balance changes, but in doing so EA cocked it up somehow, when ever a new patch came out, it always seemed to create a new problem, some of the biggest problems include the Assault destroyer, an anti armor ship being made to only shoot underwater targets (with a deck gun oddly enough) when it should have been able to to hit both, and another that caused a path finding problem, where you would tell a unit to move forward 5 meters only to have it turn around run around the entire map just to get to the position, but there are many more that I can't quite remember right now.

Anyway that enough EA bagging... for now. The game has great music, which changes dynamically with the situation which isn't new but its nice, great unit balances, great factions and good fun. although there are many bugs in the beta it's still good fun to play with other people non-competitively online, just having fun and since it's a beta its all the problems can be fixed but there isn't that long for the problems to be fixed since RA3 comes out in a month. I'd have to say, it's only good fun at best and a broken toy that can't be fixed or returned at worst, more the later lately.

Although to go back to attacking EA, they decided to release the beta keys with kanes wrath, an exspansion pack to C&C3:TW, the game to say the most was a failure, it destroyed balance between the teams and such, it seems that they put the beta keya into the game so people would actually buy kane wrath, sure it had a sorta nice story but it was broken. this shameless ploy by EA is just stupid andpointless, as i have read many people a bitch'n about, most are right.

Anyway, I seem to have strayed a little, as the beta is at the moment it would seem to e just a cash cow for EA, they took a title that people love and admire and are taking it apart...slowly. in conclusion, a broken beta, that could be salvaged but my hopes aren't to high, we'll just have to wait for the full version.

In the near future i will be putting up a list of what games i'm in the process of playing and reviewing. stayed tuned for some Star wars...

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Ok, now, ignore everything that has happened on this blog, which includes the big gaps where i didn't post and my terrible English. Now I have a plan which requires me to accumulate enough support from people I know and from them get support from people I don't know to give me the determination i need to do what i want, this means plainly that i want to start reviewing game's on a semi frequent basis (by which i mean that i have something to review) as i want to become a game editorialist in the future for a few years. If I get enough support i will do this and if i get even more I will eventually, after getting enough income at a constant rate and I might open up my own website on which i will continue my work with others havening access to put stuff up. I also want to have a web comic but I don't think I can manage it, but we'll see one day.

The only idea that I think would make people come to me then instead of another website is that my reviews would be based on how I like the game not how it compares to other and such (how other site generally do it) It's for people who have the same liking of games as I do.

Now I must be off to do other stuff, and eventually informing others off my plan and asking them to inform their other friends off my exploits and hope for enough people actually reading my reviews and what ever reviews,preview's, beta's and other little bits off coverage that i can get, even though you could get it from other places. should start within 1-2 weeks as theirs a beta coming out that I'm in so yea.
Seacrest out!

Monday, April 28, 2008



Thursday, April 24, 2008

What time takes

Well, I have squat idea what will happen to this blog and to those few, who ever have read these scribblings of a madman, but that doesn't matter as I have things that equate to more than such a thing as this, but until things come into fruition this will do.

Now business Can't really remember what happened in the past however many weeks have fats since feb something, although i do remember sleeping a lot which is never tiresome, but i have been fast walking/jogging every day (almost) for like the past 5-6 weeks, thats tiresome, and so is school work. but such trivial matters are boring, not much else to say right now, got some good ideas in my head of a good close coming future plan, just need time, but only time stands in my way now.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

red hearts

Well today it's valentines day, not much of an exciting event, well at least for me it is. anyway some people I talked to today don't seem to think much of valentines day or fined it over-rated, though I don't really see how... but thats not the point, I don't really have a point i'm just saying happy valentines day for those who has themselves a valentine and to those who don't well try typing something like this while listening to let it be played on the piano with nothing else and tell me how you feel, then I have something to say to you but until then chances have it that I probably hate you so really... happy valentines day

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

down hill cliff

I've been messing around with a title name and have finally decided to try out leaves point Down, the best names have hidden meanings ;)

Well I had my first SAC today on legal 3/4, nothing interesting except that i got up at 7:15 so i could get to the SAC on time at 7:45, and I know I live like 3 minutes walking distance but that doesn't matter, also i got the queens rep and crown mixed up when there the same thing so, i can't wait for the awkwardness of reading my answer to that question... good subjects, history is awesome since I have Mr.Miles as a teacher and hes arguably the best teacher at school. Trying to keep up with work hard but that hard, my math teacher Mr.Rule is a giant tool, he flung my math book across the room cause HE said "I was the last one talking" when in fact I was one of the people to stop talking first. My VCD teacher Mr.Wardell is a bit toolish as well, as lachlan noted less mature then most yr 11's but thats not saying much as a lot yr 11's are also pretty big tools.

I also said how ever long ago that i would start doing game related stuff but I haven't done it yet, well I hope to start this Friday so wait and see.Also as I sit here listening to "Let it be" by the Beatles I am forced to think about gamespot. Now as most probably don't know gamespot is a site that is pure games and they give you great info on them. now around late November a game editor named Jeff Gertsmann was "fired" by cnet this has lead to another two people leaving because of this, now this is destroying gamespot and I'm left to wonder what cnet must be thinking now as the site gets worse and if they are considering that firing Jeff was such a good idea , I'll keep listen to the hotspot (podcast)to see how its go's, I recommend the site and that you listen to some previous hotspot's as they are very interesting as well as extremly funny. Now I'm gonna listen to "let it be" some more as I go to sleep and ponder what will become of my 'beloved' gamespot.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I seem to have lots of time on my hands lately while I also have no time. I seem to find myself with a couple hours till whatever and I have nothing to do so i decide to fill this time in with doing meaningless things. while other times when i have no time and I have some homework i decide to fill in this vacant time with more meaningless things (like right know while I write this) instead of doing work, which now that I'm doing VCE I really should be doing much more but I don't, I'm just not a very motivated person, except when it comes to things I like.


speaking of things i like the school production has "started", started in the sense that it hasn't, but a least the auditions are over, which i have attended and I can proudly say I'm quite over confident, because if your gonna get confident you may as well go out with one hell of bang. but i should find out... tomorrow. in which I get to act and sing.


speaking of singing, singing is a form of music.


speaking of music, I'm doing music and i wanna change to history. now if you ever consider doing music, don't, just don't, its long, boring, agitating and hardish (except for the stupid matt...) but i feel like I'd be letting Mr.Ford (head of music) down which i feel bad about, so I don't really wanna do it but I must.


Speaking of things i must do, i feel that i must ask Yang a question at the end of any of my post so I think i will so, yay for me.

So Yang where has the time gone?